Aug 19 - Featured Story

When a Homeless Encampment Was Cleared

“We’re like a family,” he said. “We depend on each other.” Yvonne Nelson, the outreach worker who offered Jordan and his friends shelter, doesn’t blame...
Aug 18 - Featured Story

Redmond Mayor Speaks Out

Redmond Mayor Angela Birney on Wednesday defended her support of a controversial plan by King County to transform a former motel into a homeless shelter...
May 20

Native Homeless Service Nonprofits Protest New Seattle Outreach Contracts

Chloe Gale, co-director of city-contracted outreach team REACH, said outreach workers...
Apr 23


Heather Barr has worked in the health sciences and social...
Apr 02

New Seattle Charter Amendment Aims To Address Homelessness

A new coalition of local nonprofit organizations and neighborhood groups...
Jan 11

Drug abuse is a public health issue, not a criminal one

Ron Jackson, clinical professor of social work at UW, became...
Dec 26

Mysteriously, COVID-19 hasn’t spread among Seattle’s outdoor homeless population.

When more than a dozen people tested positive for the...
Oct 21

Council members, Mayor’s office reach tentative deal on homeless outreach

Chloe Gale, co-director of the city-contracted outreach program REACH, said...
Oct 02

Homeless camps growing in Seattle

Outreach workers said there has always been a limited supply...
Aug 18

Crosscut: Motel eviction exposes gaps in Seattle’s low-income housing options

“It’s the extreme nature of how terrible things are outside...
Aug 13

Seattle Times: Let’s fund what works to help Seattle’s homeless

Our neighborhood outreach model has proven successful in allowing our...
Aug 07

KUOW: Pros and cons of disbanding Seattle’s Navigation Team

Check out what Chloe Gale, co-director of REACH, has to...

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