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“Eco Blocks” Are Concrete Signs of Seattle’s Failure to Address RV Homelessness

Homeless service providers say the suspension of the rule had positive effects for vehicle residents, who didn’t have to deal with the daily stress of...
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Who Was Most Harmed During Seattle’s Heat Wave?

One of the 13 people who died is presumed to have been homeless, according Public Health. That 11% likely undersells just how precarious the situation...
May 20

Native Homeless Service Nonprofits Protest New Seattle Outreach Contracts

Chloe Gale, co-director of city-contracted outreach team REACH, said outreach workers...
Apr 23


Heather Barr has worked in the health sciences and social...
Apr 02

New Seattle Charter Amendment Aims To Address Homelessness

A new coalition of local nonprofit organizations and neighborhood groups...
Jan 11

Drug abuse is a public health issue, not a criminal one

Ron Jackson, clinical professor of social work at UW, became...
Dec 26

Mysteriously, COVID-19 hasn’t spread among Seattle’s outdoor homeless population.

When more than a dozen people tested positive for the...
Oct 21

Council members, Mayor’s office reach tentative deal on homeless outreach

Chloe Gale, co-director of the city-contracted outreach program REACH, said...
Oct 02

Homeless camps growing in Seattle

Outreach workers said there has always been a limited supply...
Aug 18

Crosscut: Motel eviction exposes gaps in Seattle’s low-income housing options

“It’s the extreme nature of how terrible things are outside...
Aug 13

Seattle Times: Let’s fund what works to help Seattle’s homeless

Our neighborhood outreach model has proven successful in allowing our...
Aug 07

KUOW: Pros and cons of disbanding Seattle’s Navigation Team

Check out what Chloe Gale, co-director of REACH, has to...

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