We can learn a lot about people's lives on the street by listening to their stories.

For adults living outside, Seattle's social services support network is complex and can feel inaccessible. We respond to each client’s unique social and clinical needs. Our work embraces the worth and humanity of the people we serve, partnering with them to effectively navigate the system.

Healing with Justice

Sherry and Dwight’s stories are different, but both illustrate how Evergreen Treatment Services support people to get their lives back and live well in … Continued

A Window into the World of the Outreach Team

 “Care, respect, funding, and coordination are the needed alternatives to fear, anger, and sweeping encampments away.”   By Betsy Wells, ETS Board member—  I serve … Continued

Helping People Get Their Life Back

A seamless transition from the criminal legal system is nearly impossible without the right support in place. As Jeremy Lemoine puts it, “Even if … Continued

Seeing The Whole Person: Honoring Trans Day of Remembrance

November 19th marks the final day of Trans Awareness week, which aims to raise the visibility of trans and gender diverse people and address issues the community faces. It … Continued

“The people we serve are not ‘other.’ They could be any of us.”

This month is REACH’s 25th anniversary. We interviewed the four REACH directors to highlight each of the mission areas — community justice, outreach, integrated … Continued

“Having a place to call home isn’t something you earn”

Header photo courtesy of the CoLEAD program and Minea Herwitz   This month is the 25th anniversary of REACH. Throughout the month we will … Continued

“I wish Seattleites would self reflect, have compassion, and project empathy toward unsheltered people”

This month is the 25th anniversary of REACH. To mark the occasion, we’re interviewing our four new REACH directors to highlight the organization’s mission … Continued

“Every human being has a stake in our mission”

This month is the 25th anniversary of REACH. Throughout the month we will interview our four new REACH directors to highlight each of our … Continued

Randy’s Story

Randy was a client in REACH’s Vital program. He was born and raised in Seattle and lived outside for decades. With our help, he … Continued

Lena’s Story

“I do not know where I’d be if I did not have this place,” says Lena about her home. “I treat it like my castle. Evergreen … Continued

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REACH improves lives daily for more than 3,500 King County residents. Whether it’s a visit to the doctor, a warm meal, or getting into substance use treatment, our work changes lives. You can help.

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